Monday, October 4, 2010

MG Sazabi WIP update 100410 - backpack and some detailing

Good morning guys, we are off to my daughter's awarding ceremony at her school so I am blogging early today. As I've said in my previous post, here is a couple of days work done on the MG Sazabi ( while watching Glee ). hihi

I have made a simple attachment for the backpack, basically gluing it to the inverted original MG Sazabi backpack. I also managed to detail the Quebley binders ( highly inspired by Toymaker's Quebley ) and some simple mods on the torso and head parts. 

I will have to work and add a bit more to the torso area before moving on the the arms, legs, foot and the rear skirt. Anyways, here are some quick snapshots of my progress so far...

Thanks for droppig by! Til' next update! :)
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