Sunday, July 24, 2011

some FREE master grades at the MAC Party!

Master Grade Photo

Here are some master grade kits I found in my dusty stash. I thought I could give these kits away for our MAC Forums Anniversary Party come August! So here they are, some MG freebies that we will be giving away for those people that could join us on the 27th.

I am having second thoughts if we are to hold the party at SM North Sky Garden though... I am thinking we could celebrate it in my unfinished house. My place is basically 30 minutes away from Trinoma and I think it would be doubly fun if we could hold the party there.

We could take photos of my dog ( lol ) and we could have more food and booze I guess. We could convoy from Trinoma to my place. Anyways, the party is for the MAC members, so if the Sky Garden is still a lot more convenient for some, will hold it there then.

Join our discussion in Facebook and vote where you want the MAC party to happen. Here is the link guys...
MAC forums Anniversary Party EVENT

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