Monday, February 22, 2010

a picture of me...

Ello guys, here is a couple of photos of me, yes me at work ( 2 years ago before doing Gunpla )...honestly this is an 18 - 23 pounds lighter version of me, that is why I like the photos...I really have to trim some pounds, I am a 5' 7" 193 pounder now...the photos shows a 170 - 175 pound guy. 

Option 1: Exercise more and do less Gunpla or 
Option 2: Watch less dvds, play less computer games and eat less BUT do lots of Gunpla option 2 sounds like a better solution I guess. hehe

I just copied this photos here to be able to load 'em at home in my facebook account later...FB and the USBs of our office is blocked ( dang ICTs! ). My initial plan is just to create a draft and retrieve the pictures later...but I figured of posting it anyways, I think giving a few people ( if there is any ) an idea, a picture ( literally ) of how I, DC23 a normal Gunpla addict looks like. hehe, Anyways here are the pics...

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