Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Place your Hobbymate ORDERS here...

Orders or the MAC party poster

Another great news for all the people who will be going to our MAC Forums anniversary party! Edmund Teo of Hobbymate and Malvin Lim of GreattoysOnline has agreed to take the orders of anyone that will be going to the party. Yes, aside from the raffles from both these generous gentlemen... they are now willing to take with them to the party any orders. This will be a convenient way to make sure that you'll have something at hand after our party.

Hobbymate is a really good source of airbrush and other hobby accessories and tools. It is based in Singapore thus they will only take orders of the smaller tools, airbrushes and other accessories. Hobbymate through yours truly will not be taking orders of huge hefty kits that is difficult to fly from Singapore.

I will be getting a couple of tools myself and a couple of friends has already placed their orders. I will be sending Edmund the list of orders and will get back to the customer HERE if he could accommodate the orders. Anyways, comment here with your Facebook name and place your orders. The prices at Hobbymate is at Singapore dollars... 1 Singapore dollar = 35 Php.

On the other hand If any of you would love to buy model kits or toys from GreattoysOnline, Getting them in the party is also very convenient. Malvin Lim of Greattoys agreed to get those orders here so that he could bring them to the party. Same as the Hobbymate orders... comment here so that it will be easier for me to keep track of those orders.

Please make sure that you are 100% decided on the item you want to get before placing your order here. We do not want our guests to bring ALL those stuffs if they are not going to be sold in the party anyways. I will personally have the list of the Hobbymate orders and will be collecting those pesos as well.

Your order below should look like this...

  • your Facebook name abd MAC forums name
  • Hobbymate or GreattoysOnline
  • the item and the number of items you want to get
Hope to get those orders soon as we need to confirm them to both Hobbymate and GreattoysOnline. Thanks for dropping by! You could check this post from time to time as I placed a banner on the right sidebar. Pump those orders NOW! :)


Unfortunately, we could no longer take orders of Greattoys stuffs as Malvin Lim will not be able to go to the party any longer. He will still give the prizes for the raffle earlier before the party but cannot take your Gunpla orders. All orders are for Greattoys are now cancelled. Thank you

EDIT 082511:

We are no longer accepting orders. Our party is 2 days from now and our friend Edmund Teo of Hobbymate will be preparing your orders today. You could still order, buy and inquire about his products though. He is his email - edmund@myhmshop.com

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