Friday, December 24, 2010

Invites to our GAF - MAC Beargguy GB!

Just sending our second wave of invites to our dual forum Group Build! The Gundam Australia Forums and Mech Arts Community forums Beargguy Group Build is almost ready to start. No deadlines of WIP thread entries yet as the kit is not yet available in most stores in the Philippines.

I was just lucky the other day to have bought my Beargguy which was the only stock in the only store at Greenhills that has one. I will snap fit my kit later today ( after a party and before Noche Buena ) and do a quick review and post the first WIP thread of this GB both at Gundam Australia and MAC forums.

20 MAC forumers has pledge to join already so hope to see you join our GB as well. Please do read the simple rules before joining. Thanks! Here is the link to our MAC forums for discussions...
GAF - MAC Beargguy GB thread
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