Tuesday, November 10, 2009

MG DOM ver DC23/ Zero G

Hello guys, this build was started around May 20 2009 and finished Jul 22 2009...but I was distracted with transformers toys around the whole month of June 2009, so this was basically done in a month and a half. The work in progress thread that is originally posted in Zero G accumulated 12,000 + views count and the 463 ( including mine ) replies inspired me a lot during the build...thus, naming it a version Zero G aside from the usual ver DC23.

This is my 2nd Dom build, the first one being the Rick Dom about to be slashed by my Hi Nu...Thus, being my 2nd Dom build, I wanted to do something different with this Dom. The personal objective is to try to outdo myself and create something that would make my previous modded works look OOTB, I mean to put it in simple words, the objective is to overdetail this Dom that I have not done before. The concept aligning to the objective is...to create a lowtech -alien looking Dom that would contradict the general look of what Gundam kits should look like ( I mean, exposed internals and wires all over are not coventional stuff anyways, some forumers even told me that wires over the armor parts would be critical for the mech during fights. But basically, that's the point, I create and mod gunpla at the same time think of the norms of how a mech of this size should function...but with this build, most norms were disregarded. This build is roughly done in a span of 1 1/2 months...actually maybe a bit less, coz I got distracted with Transformers toys for a couple of weeks in the middle of the build. :D

Anyways, aside from naming this build as a simple ver DC23...I added ver Zero G, simply coz the Zero G members suggested all sorts of helpful criticisms and suggestions during the build ( I have a WIP of this Dom in Zero G )...Thanks once again Zero G modellers!!!

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