Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Exia NG 1/60 ver DC23

This was my first modified kit and was my entry in my first gunpla competition. Bankee nationals 2008 is an annual comp here in the Philippines with 3 categories, junior, senior and expert. The competition was held back in August 2008 and all the entries was in exhibit for a month until September 2008. I entered under the senior category. There were 145 entries in the senior category and this kit luckily won as the Senior category champion! . I chose a 1/60 scale for my first modification project thinking that it is a lot easier to mod than a 1/100. But then I'm wrong!


- Interchanged the shoulder armor, thus the swords are protruding in front.
- Modded the shield with the GN sword
- extended the feet with pla plates
- added wires, cable, scrap parts and a few pla plates for detail
- custom color scheme


- All spray cans - Tamiya german grey, Bosny grey primer, Bosny chrome, Bosny flat black, Pylox cabinet gray, Pylox clear gloss, Bosny clear flat and Tamiya clear red.

Thanks for viewing! ;)
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