Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Finished Gunplas of 2009

Hello guys, I was looking at my display cabinet today to figure out what to build amongst my snap built kits...when I came to realize that I was even more productive than 2008. Last year, 2008...I was able to build/paint 8 OOTB MGs, 1 modded MG ( Kampfer ), 1 1/60 NG Exia, and 2 1/100 HGs...that's a total of 12 KITS...

Pretty productive 2008 ey?...BUT this year I was able to produce/paint 2 HGUC, 3 SDs, 8 modified MGs, 2 1/100 HGs, and battle damage 3 MGs and 3 HGs, 1 hguc ( that were painted back in 2008 )....On TOP of that, most of those builds have bases and I was able to finish a 40cm x 40 cm x 50 cm diorama last Bakuc ( the Graveyard )...Phew, 20 kits for 2009 and 1 huge that is Gunpla addiction.

However, I plan to build lesser but hopefully better kits this year...Actually I am eyeing to just build around 4 MGs for 2010. I plan to slow down not because of anything else, but because I want to improve in all aspects of modelling, specially my painting skills.

Anyways here all the kits I finished this year ( 2009 )...

Thanks for dropping by! Til' next post! :)
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