Monday, August 29, 2011

the MAC FORUMS first anniversary party 2011

I just had a great day hanging out with our friends from Singapore today. Yesterday ( actually August 27, 2011 ) we had our much awaited Mech Arts Community forums first anniversary party! It was an experience of a lifetime, specially for me ( deserves a separate post ).

However, the weather was really bad thus a few people was not able to come and we were not able to actually set up a grill party outdoors. We had to pack at least 60 to 70 people inside the house due to the heavy rains and had to smell each other from 5pm to 10pm!

Anyways, We all met at Trinoma at around 2pm and we had to wait for a few people up to 3pm. We then convoyed ( sort of ) to my house which was an adventure to some, as the bulk of the convoy passed through the uglier rough road short cut.

The guys then had some " dinuguan ", some rice cakes, a roasted turkey, tons of grilled pork steak and some " lechon manok "or roasted chicken. I hope the people enjoyed the food as I have no idea if the food was good. I was not able to eat coz I was too excited and happy to see all the people that was able to come even in the bad weather.

Hitting the SMILE HAMMER since 2010!

It has been one year and one month since we formed the mech arts community forums. It was sort of born from negative stuffs that produced really good results. The forums with the help of our friends from all over in Kriz, Kamm, hummingbird, decay, Matt Mrozek, Matt Tomczek, Tember Gundam, chubbybots, Janus Lu and all the original foreigner members has helped us so much in forming the forums as it is today.

Thank you to my co creator MatanglawinX who always does the dirty and ugly stuffs of trying to organize the forums through rules and regulations. Thank you to my best friend in the world and fellow admin in Kriz who always makes it a point to inspire new and younger modelers.

Thank you to our local ( Filipino ) moderators in Jmac, Vanz Hilario, krescenhaze and rzero1 who has kept the forums organize yet friendly and welcoming. Thank you to our international moderators in Kamm ( UK ) and hummingbird ( London ) for being the hard working ambassadors of MAC in their region and for keeping the forums safe in the wee hours of our timezone.

THANK YOU to all the local and international members who has made the forums to what it is right now. It is the members who makes up the forums and not the founders or the moderators. Like I always say, a forums should just be an organize version of Facebook, friendly and inspiring.

Aside from the obvious fact that our forums has now been the most visited and active forums in the Philippines today... I am proud to brag that after one year, everyone in the forums specially the members has successfully produced...

a Hobby forums that is a genuine community

and not a hierarchy of some sort. A true forums is a friendly forums where the community constantly inspires each other and treat each other with respect and true camaraderie. The community is getting bigger every week... our community has lived up to it's name as a true community.

GreattoysOnline RAFFLE PRIZES

Our local sponsor was Malvin Lim the owner of Greattoys ( GT ) was generous enough to give our forum members some impossible to get and rare Gundam items and model kits. Unfortunately Malvin was not able to come to the party but the people who won in the GreattoysOnline raffle had a blast with their prizes. 

HOBBYMATE raffle prizes

Edmund Teo our friend from Singapore and owner of HOBBYMATE was there at the event and he gave some great raffle prizes worth thousands of pesos ( do the math if you like :)! There are a ton of metal option parts like pistons and cables, micro LED upgrades, some brushes, some cutting boards, loads of rare earth magnets, some plastic cutters, and some small hobby tools. Those are just the minor prizes from Hobbymate.

Hobbymate also gave away a Bandai Master Grade kit, a couple of Micro2S PROs, a couple of Micro2S, a couple of Hobbymate airbrush kits, and a huge rotary tool set. Needless to say our MAC forums members went home with some really cool and expensive stuffs that night!

Yours truly also gave away 3 Bandai Master Grade kits and 11 free MAC forums shirts. Raymond Celeste ( rzero1 ) gave some wooden MAC forums memorabilia, Fil Dimaano ( filmechs ) gave away some MAC forums shirts too and some MAC forums pins.

The MAC forums party!!!

THANK YOU once again to everyone who came even with the bad weather. Thanks a ton to our friends from Singapore Kenny ( Toyamker ), Ben ( Izakku81 ), Yi Hui ( Waylander ) and Edmund Teo of Hobbymate or making the MAC forums people really really happy!!! 

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