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Sunday, December 8, 2019

Vallejo Mecha Color EXPLAINED

Vallejo Mecha Color EXPLAINED photo

As usual, pardon for the selfies as I desperately try to get comfortable in front of the camera, for my new YouTube channel

Let's talk shop again!

Let's talk Vallejo Mecha Colors

I just received my complete set of the Vallejo Mecha Colors last week. So I haven't used and tested all of the paints that came in the 80 color set. I do not claim I know and I am familiar with all of the colors, thus I appreciate the tips on how to use them, sent to me at Facebook. 

This blog article is part of my Vallejo Colors EXPLAINED series of posts.


The Vallejo Mecha Colors were in development since 6 ( probably longer ) years ago. Yours truly ( DC23 ), was sent a handful of Mecha colors 6 years ago. 

Yes! 6 years ago. I was not finishing Gunpla projects back then, but was testing some paints in development.

The first batch of paints were labeled Mecha Airbrush Color ( seen in the photo below ). I received a handful. Black, White, Red, Yellow, Blue. I tested them on Gunpla scrap parts and some miniatures ( WarmaHordes ). 

The second batch of paints, labeled Mecha Color Free Sample, were sent around 5 or 4 years ago. I got Black, White, Red, Blue, Yellow, Off White and Gunmetal. I also tested them on scrap Gunpla parts and more miniatures. 

I tested both batches with my Harder & Steenbeck airbrush and also tested them in hand painting. 

Both batches were great! 

I then tested the durability and adherence to the surface after letting them cure for a week. The first batch were roughly as strong as the Game Air range and the second batch were as strong as the Vallejo Premium range. Meaning the second batch were stronger. 

Vallejo claims these paints are different from the Vallejo Premium range tho. 

FYI, The Vallejo Premium range was my choice of colors for Gunpla, back when theese Mecha Colors were still under development. 

The Vallejo Premium range are airbrush paints used for Motorcycle Helmet art. They are made super strong. The Vallejo Premium Gloss Varnish is super crazy strong. 


Now that I have the complete range of the Mecha Colors. ( As much as I love the Vallejo Premium range and Metal Colors ) I will be using these paints exclusively in all my future builds. These Mecha Colors are made for airbrush ( like the Model Air and Game Air ). but they are super easy to use to hand paint.

Vallejo claims that these paints have super strong adherence to the surface ( even without primer ).

Hmmm... "even without primer" intrigues me a lot!

I have been using Vallejo ( albeit Model Color ) on my Lord of the Rings action figures since 2001. Albeit I do not play with them after painting.

If the "even without primer" is true. I will use these paints on an unpainted Gunpla and some action figures.


The Vallejo Mecha Colors are made to use for airbrushing ( I exclusively use Harder & Steenbeck airbrush ). Vallejo claims you can airbrush them directly from the bottle. I personally add Vallejo thinner, and a drop of Vallejo Airbrush Flow Improver for airbrushing.

Depending on the colors, because the viscosity of water based acrylics ( in general ) are different from color to color. I mix a drop of thinner, a drop of V Flow ( Flow Improver ) and 8 drops of Mecha Color for airbrushing.

Note that yellows and reds are thinner to begin with ( so use even less thinner and V Flow ).

The high pigment count will ensure good coverage, even if you thin a bit too much. Too much thinning, much like other kinds of paints might run tho.

Experience with airbrushing non-toxic acrylics will help you know proper mixing, even by looking or mixing the paints, you'll know a good airbrush mix.

The Vallejo Mecha Colors are awesome for hand painting. Just a few drops of mediums and a constantly wet brush and you are good to go. I only use distilled water when wetting my paint brushes.

I will upload videos of all my future builds at my Youtube channel, to further demonstrate on how to use these paints soon.

Join me as we play and use these Vallejo Mecha Colors for Gunpla, Mecha and even on Action Figures ( toys ), both here at my blog and my YouTube channel.

Should be fun!

As always, Thanks a ton for dropping by! Until next update guys!

Just Enjoy the Hobby!


SHOUTOUT as usual!

I only use Vallejo Acrylic paints in all my builds - Acrylicos Vallejo

I get some of my tools from HOBBYMATE Singapore - HobbyMate at Facebook

And get my Vallejo paints from Neutral Grounds Philippines - Neutral Grounds Philippines

I only use Harder & Steenbeck for airbrushing - Harder & Steenbeck Airbrush

Vallejo Mecha Color EXPLAINED photo

Vallejo Mecha Color EXPLAINED photo

Vallejo Mecha Color EXPLAINED photo

Vallejo Mecha Color EXPLAINED photo

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Vallejo Mecha Color EXPLAINED

As usual, pardon for the selfies as I desperately try to get comfortable in front of the camera, for my new YouTube channel .  Le...