Sunday, September 12, 2010

How to create snow for your diorama

I am having reservations and second thoughts of actually putting this up as a tutorial as it is too simple and it was kind of an experiment only on my part. I do not claim that this is original or anything like that, it's just that I did not research for this and did it for the first time.

I really like how it turned out though so I decided to share it to you guys as it is very simple but produces very nice results. This is my Hangar diorama curved out on a snow capped hill-side for my MG Sazabi. I will have to update this tutorial post once I have finished this project and add the completed photos.

Now here is the steps on creating convincing snow for a snow capped hill or mountain diorama...

First, after doing my glue + sand on a papier mache'd hill, I painted it with cheap acrylics and simulated snow using flat white Tamiya enamel.

The enamel paint will served as a guide for me to where to actually pile up the snow. The white paint serves as the base color also so that brown colored groundwork will never show through a few selected areas.

Notice that I painted the level parts more heavily with white as I think snow will build up on the level areas of the groundwork and will just fall off on the vertical areas of the hill.

The Snow mixture - We use Future + Talcum powder to create a more convincing soft snowy texture.

A nice not so thick consistency is required as to produce a softer texture without brush marks when applied...

BEFORE: This is the hill side before we applied the talcum powder mixture... Notice that the edges of the pebbles ( boulders in this scale ) are a bit too sharp and there are unwanted holes on the surface. the unwanted holes gives the impression that the snow is not thick enough.

... freshly applied Future + Talcum powder mixture...

AFTER: Tadah! the talcum powder mixture softened the rocky texture of the hill, eliminated the unwanted holes and looks like that it is building up on the sharp corners of the groundwork. The build up ( mixture naturally dripping down ) produced a realistic and convincing look of how a real snow would build up along the sharp crevices and on the leveled surfaces.

My fave photo as the snow looks really nice in this area.

I think I need to add bits and pieces of shrubs or even a tree to show scale... Anyways, hope you like this very simple yet effective tip on creating a convincing snow effect on a snow capped hill or mountain. After taking the photos I sealed the mountain with Future again.

 Happy modeling everyone! Just enjoy the hobby!!! XD
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