Tuesday, December 21, 2010


This Group Build is now a collaboration between our friends from Gundam Australia Forums and our MAC forums !!! We thought as both forums are digging the Beargguy GB! We ( MAC ) and Sonar ( GAF ) might as well collaborate and make the GB a dual forum - GAF - MAC GB!

I am not sure if this has happened before but like Sonar said, if other forums has done it before... it won't actually ruin the excitement lol. This will be the biggest GB to date ( just hyping it )! Looking forward to seeing WIP threads of this GB both at MAC and GAF! We would appreciate if members who has the time to post their WIPs at both forums could do so. Now here are the strict rules... or else you are banned in both forums! LOL...

Group Build RULES

1. Work in Progress thread in either Gundam Australia Forums OR Mech Arts Community forums is a requirement.

2. It has to be Beary good (sorry for the bad joke - Sonar), paint as a minimum requirement.

3. It should retain some of it's Bearyness ( Bear look ) - A Deep Striker Bear or The-O Bear, kitbashing a Gogg or Z'Gokk, and others mention Paddington, Pooh Bear, Doraemon, Hello Kitty etc. As long as it remains distinctly bearish, major mods are acceptable.

4. Using the Beargguy GB logo on the final photos is a requirement guys. Using the logo on your WIP photos is not required but it will be nice to see them have logos as well.

5. Deadline is October 1,  2011... so plenty of time specially for a 1/144!

6. have fun Guys!

P.S. ALL particpants both from GAF and MAC forums will be featured here in my blog and will have a gallery of its own.

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