Wednesday, December 22, 2010

PG RX-178 MKII EVO by nuNUnu

Anupong Channarong aka nuNUnu hails from Bangkok Thailand. This guy is simply a prodigy and is a very very very gifted modeler as he has only been playing with Gunpla for 11 months! Dang! 11 months and this guy can scratch build like hell ( for lack of a better word )! I have been doing Gunpla for almost 3 years and I could NOT even scratch build a decent box.

Glad nuNUnu posted this at ZeroGunz a bit later than most of the winners of the last BMKWC regional finals. It is very rare to see great builds after BMKWC as most modelers are working with relax builds or no fuzz builds during this time of the year. Some like me, does not even do Gunpla during this holiday season.

So we are fortunate to be treated to another masterpiece at ZeroGunz by no other than the BMKWC Thailand Champion! This beautiful PG build will represent Thailand in the World Championships soon! Excited to see and know the results of the main event already... I do not expect surprises at the finals at all, we will soon be treated to a battle of the titans! hihi

This is one of the most popular builds at ZeroGunz during its WIP stage as it reached a grand views count in a short span of time. Anyways, a ton more photos of this masterpiece at ZeroGunz...
PG RX-178 MKII EVO by nuNUnu

Thanks for dropping by! Hoped you liked this feature! :)

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