Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What project is more impressive???

photos from Gundam Guy

I am still overly undecided for what to get for Christmas and eventually what to do for my Bandai Model Kit World Cup 2011 entry. I need your help guys as I have trimmed my options to 2 kits ( no budget for a PG yet ), I will be either getting the MG The O or wait for the 1/48 Mega Scale Zaku until around late December.

I might eventually get both, I mean get the MG The O this December and then get the 1/48 Mega Scale Zaku on January. BUT still the question remains... What kit would be best for my BMKWC 2011 entry??? I mean what would you like me to mod? a 1/48 Zaku and convert it to a Super Custom Zaku F2000?

OR modify a MG The O to look like the The O II / Hauer in the sketch above. Both projects will be ultra mega challenging for me of course. But I would like to know your ( my readers' ) opinion on what is the best for my year end entry?

and No... I cannot possibly do both as I am packed with GBs and commission works until around June 2011 and I have very limited skills in scratch building... Hope you help me decide guys...

 1/48 Super Custom Zaku F2000

or a MG The O II

Thanks for dropping by! Til' next post! :)
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