Saturday, April 9, 2011

MAC Forums 2011 Surprises!!!

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Although I have been focused on promoting our forums and our members' contributions here in my blog, we are about to make big changes to the forums soon. I just met up with fellow MAC admins and officers today and we are working on some changes for the forums. Everything will be rolling before July this year and we hope to provide a better MAC Forums experience very very soon.

Aside from our ongoing MAC Forums Wallpaper Contest come July, Our forums should have its very own domain name before then. Having its own domain name means that search engines will be able to index the topics inside the forums a lot more effectively. Thus contributions from the members will have more exposure around the net.

MAC Forums will also have its own RSS capable front page! Meaning the forums could now be submitted to for ranking and additional exposure. We currently cannot submit it to TOPBlogs, but should be able to do so once the new front page is up! We are very excited to see our forums on the list below very soon!

I will be designing the front page as we do not want a boring face for our forums. The new design should be able to feature new contributions from the members in a very creative way with the sole intention of giving credit to the members.

Lots more surprises that deserves their own blog posts! So hope you stay tuned! Thanks as always for all the members who have made the community as healthy as it is right now. Continue to enjoy the hobby and always have fun!

Thanks for dropping by! Til' next MAC Forums update guys! :)

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