Monday, July 4, 2011

I got RABIES yesterday!!!

dog bite photo

Yes I got rabies yesterday! I was accidentally bitten by my dog Panzer yesterday. I was telling him to leave the plastic bag in his mouth and I managed to take it from him as usual after telling him no. But I noticed that there is a small piece left in his mouth and I got scared my dog might swallow it. I then quickly took it in his mouth and my dog quickly tried to grab it from my hand.

Notice that the wound is not the usual round hole bite marks? Simply because Panzer ( my dog ) was trying to grab the plastic bag from my hand and NOT bite my hand. Basically one of his fangs slashed through my right thumb. It was a bit messy and bloody and my right thumb is still swollen up to now.

I then went to the hospital for a toxoid and anti rabies shot. I will be getting 4 more anti rabies shot up to August. I'm good but just was not able to do Gunpla yesterday and today. However I am still praying for Panzer's health. Hopefully he will be okay. The vet told me that he is basically under observation for two weeks and his supposedly last vaccine yesterday was cancelled.

Hoping the best for my puppy... hope all is well in two weeks. 
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