Friday, July 1, 2011

No wonder my dog is still hungry...

Dog Kibble Photo

I just got home from the office and just walked my Rottweiler Panzer for his poop walk ( so that he won't poop in his house ). Anyways as I've posted a while back, Panzer got sick for 3 days and is all well now. However he seems still a bit hungry after 2 scoops of kibble every meal.

He gets 3 meals a day with 2 scoops of Eukanuba Lamb and Rice. As I have suspected, I am NOT feeding him enough! Apparently my kibble scooper ( a toy cup ) is 1/3 cup only, so basically I am feeding him 2/3 cup a meal. After some research, I discovered that I am feeding him 1/3 cup less than what I should be feeding him at 3 months of age. I should be feeding him a cup a meal and not 2/3 cup a meal.

Panzer just turned 3 months 5 days ago ( June 26 ), so I have been feeding him 1/3 cup less than what he should be getting for the past 5 days. I already took a different scooper for his kibble earlier before posting and it should fix the problem. 

Glad I researched earlier, at least I know I have only been underfeeding my Rottweiler for 5 days. Now I have here a chart to remind myself and save myself from googling " How much " should I roughly be feeding my Rottie.

Age                          type of food       meals/day       cups/day
2-3    months             growth               2-3                   2-3
3-4    months             growth               2-3                   2 1/2-3 1/2
4-6    months             growth                  2                   3-5
6-8    months             growth                  2                   4-6 1/2
8-18  months             growth                  2                   4-6
males-1 1/2-2 years  growth                   2                   5-6
Adults                       adult                      2                   2-6
pregnant/nursing     growth                 2-3                   2-12 go by condition

Sorry for the irrelevant post, but this post would save me from googling everytime. :)

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