Sunday, November 27, 2011

What could be my next BIG project for 2012???

Although I still have a couple of Master Grade Zeta commission works to finish and I just finished my year end The O II verDC23 project, I need your help to decide which should or could be my BIG project next year ( 2012 )?

I always have these kinds of post every after year end Bandai competitions, coz I always like to hear my reader's thoughts. And I always cannot make my mind on what BIG project for next year end. After the Zluca / Kobayashi inspired MG The O that I did, I think I need to work on a clean project to improve my finishing, modifications and painting.

So as always, my next big project is going to be huge, fat, and highly modified. But will try to do a clean finished kit for a change. I need to get away from my comfort zone and do clean stuffs once in a while. Hope to get your inputs on this guys as your help always plays a major part of my decision making.

I have a POLL on my sidebar and hope you leave a vote or two before leaving for MAC forums ( lol ). You could also comment here in this post if you have other suggestions in mind. Thanks as always for dropping by! Til' next post guys!

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