Sunday, November 27, 2011

Flame Premium Artist in the making...

Flame Premium Artist in the making photo

I am really tired today and I could not even lift a plastic cutter or even an art knife. I only have a few hours of sleep and could only slouch in front of my mac ( not our forums ).

Gunpla life aside... I ( together with 4 others ) have been doing training for a month now in using our new 13 million peso worth machine in the office. It is the latest acquisition of the company and they are sort of making sure that we could maximize the hardware. Our company is the only company who has Autodesk Flame Premium 2012 in the Philippines as of this writing. Thus I am one of the very few who somehow knows how to use this great stuff.

I have been working as a director, video editor and visual effects artist for 11 years now. However the softwares that I have been using are just softwares that are very accessible even to students these days. However the machine that I am using right now, being 13 million pesos worth is a totally different monster.

So if your are my friend at Facebook, you'll notice that I have changed my avatar to FLAME ARTIST. I am basically fresh from our Flame Premium training and still have a long way to go to learn the stuff. But I am pretty confident I could call my self a Flame Artist instead of the normal Visual Effects Artist that I have been using as my title for so many years now.

I am passionate about learning Flame... although I'll try to be as passionate in Gunpla when at home, I will put that same level of passion into learning the craft or skill of using Flame in the office. I am a Flame Premium Artist in the making from this day onwards...

Will never as much as possible touch or use those cheap power computers for visual effects... lol

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