Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What is your favorite Gundam kit ever?

What is your favorite Gundam kit ever? poster

I had a post a few moons back asking " What is your LEAST favorite Gundam design ever? " . I was referring to the design of the Gundam designs and totally not their model kit counterparts. Obviously I do not know much about the anime or manga, but I know a little more about Gundam kits OR Gunpla model kits.

All of the Gundam designs in the SEED Universe is not to my liking or preference. But most if not all of the Master Grade kits that came from that universe is exceptionally very good. Articulation and construction is great and the detail is just enough. Great display kits as they have those huge wings to show, specially the Strike Freedom and the Freedom.

So this time let's talk model kits. I am referring to Gundam model kits AS Gunpla in general, so you could pretty much have a Zeon mobile suit as an answer and not really a Gundam. My answer is pretty obvious in the image above though. Yes, my favorite Gunpla kit as of now is the Master Grade The O. Unless maybe they release a MG Kshatriya or a MG Nightingale ( the only 2 kits that could and might change my choice ).

The MG The O just have too much modification possibilities. Too many large armor pieces to work on and add detail. Add the fact that it is one of the biggest 1/100 Master Grade kits around ( If not the biggest in terms of volume )... this is by far my most favorite Gunpla ever! If I do have the dough to shed and even though I am working on a MG The O already, I would not surprise myself if I get my second MG The O sometime in the future.

Anyways, do drop your comment here as they could help a new modeler or collector choose their very first master grade kit. After all, having a really good master grade as your first, could make that person get more kits in the future. Which is obviously great for the hobby in general. :)

Thanks as always for dropping by! Til' next post guys! :)

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