Sunday, October 30, 2011

wood frame for 1/48 ZAKU diorama project

ZAKU diorama project photo

This is the most unlikely time to start a project as everybody is working on finishing their GBWC entries for November 18. I am not really enthused on joining the GBWC OOTB category, so I thought of starting my 1/48 ZAKU diorama project instead.

I did the basic carpentry work and managed to finish the basic frame of the whole hangar diorama. The project is highly inspired from master Fichtenfoo's 2004 PG ZAKU diorama. Master Foo's ZAKU diorama remains to be one of the best hangar dioramas even up to today ( 2011 ).

Anyways, I plan to do the same project in a bigger scale which is 1/48. I also gave the ZAKU more room space as I want to make the hangar the busiest hangar diorama ever. More details on every wall and more people / workers around the kit itself would certainly fill those empty spaces around the 1/48 Zaku.

This ZAKU diorama project will NEVER be entered in a Bandai competition ( what ever they call it ), as I made it intentionally bigger than the 50cm size limitation. The wooden box is 23 inches in height, 16 inches in width and is 16 inches deep. The height is roughly 60cm which is not allowed in Bandai contests. The whole diorama has a whopping total volume of 5,888 square inch.

This should easily be the biggest Gunpla hangar diorama and hopefully the busiest once I finish it.

ZAKU diorama project photo

ZAKU diorama project photo

Thanks for dropping by! til' next update guys! :)

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