Thursday, November 18, 2010

Pawel Cynk aka Aulon - 1st MAC Champion

Again here are the 3 participants of the first ever MAC online SD contest - MAC contest participants

It was very difficult to choose between the 3, kinda glad only 3 joined this contest. hihi. All of the participants did a great job on their entries. The Winged Zaku has interesting mods and has a very nice and elaborate diorama. The Pink Astray nailed the contest objective which is to make the funniest SD. The Kanpei did outstanding modifications on a simple kit and the photography / presentation is really good.

However, due to lack of funds as I am not made of money... There could only be one! ( Highlander theme song playing )... and the first MAC Champion is Pawel Cynk aka Aulon!

CONGRATULATIONS AULON!!! hmmm, now I have to ship the prizes to Poland! :D

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