Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas and Enjoy the Night!!!

* Back track * Exactly the same time last year I was having my worst Christmas of my adult life! It is such an unforgettable event that I will never ever delete those 1 year old posts in my blog. Simply put, it's Gunpla / Internet Nightmare before Christmas.

* Fast Forward * Everything is great now! My kids opened their presents and they love them... We ate a very hearty ( bad for the heart ) meal earlier and had some photos with the family taken. I will wake up my wife and kids in a few minutes and celebrate the night further!

My blog is a little over a year now and I have met and made a lot of friends since last year. A couple of international commission works, a 1/35 Gundam resin project and a partnership with Sonar and Gundam Australia through our Beargguy GB! Everything is running smoothly and everything is sooo good.

I just want to greet everyone  Merry merry Christmas and I sincerely hope you are also having a great night and year ahead of you. Thanks a ton from the bottom of my heart to all my GMA officemates, my handful of readers, my ZeroGunz family, Ryukaze, Rayloke, Jeffho, Juju, Phoon, Arul Mani, Phantompain, Beckylaw, Hellback, Chriswoo, Genosider, Adam Sonar, Gundam Australia, Kamm, Vanz Hilario, TVA, Nath Dalanon, Fil Dimaano, theghan, Gunpla Crazy, Krescenhaze, Oceansean, MAC likers and DC23 likers at Facebook, GMAC likers, all the MAC forumers, Matt Tomczek, Matt Mrozek, Kisapmata, MatanglawinX, GunJap, Gundam Guy, and Kriz!

Merry Christmas to you guys!!! Enjoy the night!!! :)
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