Friday, May 6, 2011

We need your banners for the new look!

MAC website screenshot

Although I have been itching to blog about my Rottie PANZER since last night as we bought him some goodies, glad I was able to resist. Anyways just wanted to share that our MAC Forums website has a new revised and better look since last night.

The webmaster is our site admin Jose Sabale aka Kisapmata and he tweaked the html codes and came up with a new heavy metal look that fits the show inside the boards. I really love the small related capsules in particular as I see the web site as a nice directory of all the kits and stuffs contributed by our dear MAC Forum members.

The biggest addition is the MAC Forumers page which is still empty right now. As we love our members dearly ( hehehe ), we do not want a simple link list on the sidebar of the website. The new MAC Forumers page will have banners of the blogs,websites and Youtube channels of all our MAC members.

The front page is after all a venue to promote modelers that support the forums, not the other way around. Thus we are encouraging ALL members who wants their Blog, Website, Youtube channel in the new page to submit a banner design with the standard dimensions of 480 width by 75 height.

Submit your mini banners in here guys - post your mini banners HERE

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