Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Loving my new office space!

Pardon me for sharing nonsense today, but I am really happy with my new office space! I work in a broadcasting company as an animator and I have been with the company for almost 5 years. Our section has shifting and it changes every month. It's either you are in the morning shift OR evening shift, meaning you share your work station with the next shift. bummer!

However we just transferred to a bigger super beautiful office this week and the photo shows how much space I have for myself. The great thing about my new work space is that I am NOT sharing my space with anyone! My boss gave me my own computer / space, thus I have the space all by myself.

Having this much space all by myself means that I could bring TOYS and place it along my free space for the first time! Woot! The other 36 artists still shares computers with their shift counterparts ( yuck ) but I and another guy ( team leaders ) and the managers ( as usual ) have our own space by ourselves! Woot!

I have brought my Wall E toy today but I'll be bringing my RX Beam Saber, my 1/48 Char's Zaku, Sumeragi figure, Hellboy figure and some smaller toys tomorrow! Lots more fun of forum surfing and blogging in the office with a few toys starting tomorrow! Oooops, I mean lots more fun of working beside my toys starting tomorrow.

EDIT: A couple of photos I took today with a few toys... might bring a few more. hehehe

Thanks for reading this nonsense guys! Til' a better Gunpla post! :)

P.S. That is a 23 inch monitor in the photo, it just looks small relative to the space. hehehe

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