Friday, April 16, 2010

FUTURE - Philippines version

Ello guys I have been using Future to seal my kits for a year now...Basically I learned this marvelous product at Fichtenfoo ( where else ) but got the complete information about the product at swanny's models. Future is a product that is pretty much used in the US and you'll read a lot of articles of it or in forums that they have a wide range of use for it, However other modellers from countries like the Philippines does not have " future " in stores. Here is a portion of Swanny's article of future that made me discover the product here in the Philippines...

In Japan and the Philippines it is known as "Johnson's Wipe and Shine"... In Singapore Future can be found in Handyman DIY stores in Shaw Center under the name “Krystal Kleer.” In Malaysia it’s available in ACE Hardware stores. HERE is Swanny's article on " Future " all over the world...basically it has different names per country or region - The Complete Future

I use Future to seal the acrylic paint before handling the parts...I use it to give the parts a nice gloss coat before panel line enamel washes and before putting water slide decals ( let it dry for 24 hours before decalling though ). Take note that using Mark softener on the water slide decals over a coat of future will cause some reaction if you apply too much softener.

Another thing, Future is acrylic so if you prefer using a lacquer type final coat over future, you should apply it in very thin coats or else a heavy coat will surely produce orange peeling ( cracking ). I also use future for my top and final coat, may it be gloss or matte finish...I add 25% Tamiya flat base to the future to produce a nice flat coat. BTW, you can apply future with an airbrush or simply hand brush it...I have hand brushed future a lot of times and it's self leveling properties will ensure a smooth finish always, yes...always! My MG Acguy has 3 layers of airbrushed future and 3 layers of hand brushed future ;)

I suggest you visit and read swanny's article on the complete future to know more of the product and its marvelous properties that gives it an edge over using clear hobby paints ( aside from being dirt cheap, 184 Php for 500 ml ). Thanks for reading! til' next post! ;)

EDIT: January 17, 2015

Hi guys, I have to address some issues regarding gloss coats and Pledge Wipe and Shine. Pledge dries really really fast! It has a very nice leveling property that almost always produces smooth results. The consistency of Pledge Wipe and Shine is perfect for both hand painting and airbrushing. However because Pledge Wipe and Shine dries really fast... You need to let the paint underneath to fully cure! I leave mine overnight at the very least or even a whole week before applying gloss coat. CRACKING or Orange peeling will always occur if you apply a fast drying medium ( Pledge ) over a slower drying type of paint ( lacquer or even acrylic ). So letting the main paint CURE before sealing with any type of gloss coat is key!

I now use Vallejo Varnishes to all my top coating needs ( will have a separate post / review on Vallejo Varnishes soon )

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