Thursday, April 15, 2010

Pinky Street Evangelion pilot figures

Ello guys, I got this really cool Pinky Street figures of Rei Ayanami ( white ) and Asuka Langley ( red ) a while back, I think I got it for 700 Php. I had a 1/100 model kit of an Evangelion Mass production Eva before ( 1998 ), it's the white mech with red lips and Angel wings. BUT, other than having that...I am not really familiar with the series. I am familiar with the pilots Rei and Asuka though, but I have not even watched a single episode of the series.

The figures are really really cute, they have very limited pose-ability though but the cuteness itself is worth grabbing these figs. The details on their uniforms is very crisp and the colors of the figs are really vibrant. I have 0 idea of what they are holding though and their awkward-leaning to the right pose makes them difficult to balance. I have a small blu - tack underneath their foot to keep them standing. Now, here are some photos of these Evangelion figs...

Thanks for viewing! ;)
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