Friday, November 28, 2014

Cheapest Styrene Cement Substitute

PU Reducer at long last!!! As usual, I am a bit broke and the closest hobby shop to my place is a couple of hours, maybe even 3 hours away. So I decided to hunt for a can of PU Reducer as substitute for Tamiya cement today.

I have heard of the PU Reducer from MatanglawinX. I think MatX has been using PU for years now. Karl Nualla of Mechapinoy also told me that he uses this instead of Tamiya cement. So I am pretty sure this is good stuff as I trust the skills and choice of materials of both those modelers.

I have not tested the PU Reducer yet, but  according to research they melt styrene much the same like Tamiya cement does, albeit a bit stronger. I should be able to test it tomorrow as I work on the diorama of my GBWC 2015 entry. I will be melting a lot of styrene for that diorama, using Tamiya cement was never an option. Glad I was able to find this today!

A litre of this Hudson PU Reducer costs half ( 130 pesos ) of the bottle of Tamiya thin cement ( 260 pesos )... can't do the math, but the PU Reducer is such a bargain and should last forever! 

Thanks as always for dropping by! Until next post guys! Just enjoy the hobby! 

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