Monday, March 8, 2010

Z Gustav - scratch built by aor_or_die

Ello guys, I have here 5 pics that I burrowed from aor_or_die, I met the guy in Hong Kong last 2008 when he represented Italy in the Bakuc Finals. He won as one of the judges' special award for his kampfer and Zaku diorama ( his Blog banner ). Btw, Aor is a tall 6' 4" - 6' - 6" dude...when you see him, you would never imagine a guy with such huge hands to work with small pla plates. hehe

Anyways, his blog is Gundam Dreams and he loves super modding and super detailing his kits with pla plates also. I envy his finishing though, coz he adds textures to his kit, give them nice washes and drybrushes them to create a very nice weathered look to his works. I have not tried texturing my kits and is always playing it safe when it comes to finishing. I usually only have the guts to weather my kits whenever they are battle damaged in a diorama but have not tried it on a stand alone kit. I simply envy his weathering.

The base model for this build is a MG Zeta, not sure if it's a ver 1 or ver 2 though...but as you can see it so modified, no wonder he used the term scratch built. Now, what's great about this kit is that I could easily imagine putting textures and weathering on a Zeon mech, specially a Zaku...BUT, doing zimmerit patterns, cast iron textures and weathering on a Zeta? never!!! I was even hesitant to put lots of holes on my MG IJ last year, what more add cast iron effects on the surface! Personally, for me this is revolutionary work! we have seen thousands of clean Gundams with flawless toy - like finishing out there, and thousands of weathered Zeon / anti - Gundam mechs...or even a few battle damaged Gundams in dioramas...but a Gundam with zimmerit patterns, cast iron effects, super weathered yet in - service!

Basically this is great stuff that I cannot help
posting about it...this is basically my second post only of another modeler's work. I am looking forward to Aor's next project...great stuff indeed. I have copied 5 pictures of this masterpiece only, just wanted to spread the build in my own little is the link for a ton more pictures of this build -  


Great job! Now I have an inspiration for my Votom's build. til' next post! :)
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