Sunday, March 7, 2010

hguc Geara Zulu WIP part III

Ello guys, The photo at the top shows an average size of the pla plates I used for this build...I had to resize my pla plate patterns to fit the 144 scale, coz I only have patterns for 1/100s... Anyways,  I detailed the hguc Geara Zulu further...basically I added more MSG ( koto ) option parts, more small pla plating, drilled holes and scribed a few more panel lines. As I've said in my previous posts, this is but a test / practice build to get accustomed to small scales so that it will be easy for me to detail the AC White Glint. I think I am comfortable working on this scale so now I can move on to my commission work. However for some reason, I suddenly felt the urge to finish this, paint it and create a small base for it at the same time. I will create a small base first after posting stay tuned. hihi, anyways here are some pics...

I use Tamiya Thin cement for gluing all the Koto parts and the pla plates...

Added detailing to the inside part of the rear skirt, because this part is fairly visible in flight it looks ugly in ootb, coz all the holes I drilled from the outside is showing through.

I was lazy to fill the belt that holds the xtra weapons with putty, so I just covered the hollow part with a .3 mm pla plate. 

I gave the panel lines some rough wash of india ink, it shows me if I need to further detail the kit...some smudges are visible on the panel line wash, coz I just rubbed the excess off with my finger.

I know that the left shoulder armor should be a one-piece armor, much like the Zakus...but I really can't stand it's bareness. so I scribed a few panel lines for detail thus giving it a segmented armor look. Sorry Zaku fans. ;)

The head cavity is so small I dod not dare SB a monoeye ( hguc Zaku mono eye mods ) I just glued a half round koto part over the flat mono eye. looks better than ootb of course. ;)

These are pics of the final pose that I plan to give this kit...this is the very reason why I had to detail the inside part of the rear skirt armor, coz it is fairly visible in this pose.

The front skirt was originally a one piece part, I sawed the front skirt in the middle to allow movement independently for the final pose.

Thanks for viewing! Next update is the small stay tuned. :)

hguc Geara Zulu WIP part II
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