Saturday, March 6, 2010

hguc Geara Zulu WIP part II

Ello guys, in the middle of working with this kit, my MSG order arrived from Hobbies after my previous post I added the MSG option parts to a few areas of the hguc Geara Zulu. I have to clean up a few glue marks and has yet to give the pla plating some wet sanding love. 

TIP: Wet sanding the pla plating with a high grit sandpaper ( 1000 grit and above ) will soften the edges of the pla plates and will make it look like it is part of the original mold once primed. Wet sanding also removes the lip marks of the new holes.

It is pretty much evident in the pics
that I have to detail the kit further, maybe add a few more smaller MSG parts, add more holes and scribe a few more lines. I am really happy with the mods so far, the kit now looks less anime like, but gives it more texture...thus, once a weather it, I will have more crevices for the enamel washes and more edges for drybrushing. Anyways here are some pics of my progress so far...

Thanks for viewing til' next post! :)

Geara Zulu WIP part I
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