Saturday, March 6, 2010

26 MSG packs from Hobbies Corner has arrived!

Wahoo! Impeccable timing by hobbiescorner! My order of MSG kotobukiya option parts has arrived today! and just in time for my hguc Geara Zulu build! Wahoo! 

Ok, I got another prize I was not originally aware of from the ZeroGunz BAKUC GroupBuild Challenge was a 120 Malaysian Ringgit worth of anything at a few days ago ( I think  , February 1 ) I ordered 14 packs of MSG option parts from hobbiescorner...I enjoyed
the process of ordering so much, coz it was hassle free and all, so I ordered another 12 more packs. So basically oldman ( ZeroGunz V.I.P. and owner of Hobbies Corner ) packed and delivered both my winnings and my second personal order at the same now, I have 26 packs of MSG option parts for detailing fun! Love it!

I seldom use MSG parts for detailing though, coz I only bought around 10 packs back in HongKong Bakuc Finals 2008...BUT now, I should be extra conscious NOT to overuse it...I tend to overdetail my kits with pla plates and over detailing it with MSG is fairly possible, now that I have a lot. But then again, it's so easy to order at hobbiescorner and the delivery is also fast and relatively cheap ( wink wink ) over using MSGs for detailing is not a problem.hehe

The process of ordering is very very just have to get an account at hobbiescorner and shop away! BTW, you also have to get a paypal account to pay for the goods, great thing I have set up a paypal account back when my US client ( AC White Glint ) had to send me money. Fairly simple and fast! 

I am currently working on my hguc Geara Zulu, a practice build to get accustomed to smaller scales again before working on the AC White Glint commission work. Then the package arrived! My camera batteries ran out of juice, so I only managed to take a few lousy pics...I am charging the batteries now, and will take good pictures of both the Geara Zulu progress pics and the MSG option parts later. Anyways, here are some lousy progress pics of the Geara Zulu...

AND, here are some lousy pics of the MSG parts I got from hobbies corner...The package was neatly packed until I tore it apart.hihi...the box even has bubble wrap for extra protection. I will take better pictures tomorrow or later of the MSGs.

Super Thanks to ZeroGunz for the prize and super super thanks to Hobbies Corner for sponsoring the GB contest and to my orders! Thanks bro Oldman! I guess I should also thank the Philippine Postal Office and Malaysia's Postal Office for the fast delivery! NOW, off to MSG option parts detailing of my hguc Geara Zulu! Wahoo! XD
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