Saturday, April 2, 2011

Ebasenet Head GB - 1/35 Turn A head diorama


Just finished my entry for the Ebasenet head display GB held at ZeroGunz. I chose to add a diorama / scene for the head as I originally planned it as my entry for the ZeroGunz Weathering GB. But after WhiteBase announced the head GB at ZeroGunz, I just had to use it for the head GB instead.

This was a fun weekday ( 2 hours a day ) project. I learned a few weathering tricks throughout the build and it was my first time to paint some 1/35 military figures. I painted the details ( flesh, white and black ) of the figures with Citadel paints and it worked like a charm!

The citadel dries flat and fast and it is easy not to produce brushstrokes on such small details. I also made a lot of booboos during the build. Mainly I was not able to achieve the overall look that I was aiming for. Which is the Turn A seemingly submerged form chest down on the cliff side. I eventually came up with the look that the Turn A bust was ripped off from the body and is sitting atop a cliff.

The most notable booboo is using white to dry brush the military figures as it created too much contrast with the black parts. The white also made the figures look glossy in the photos as the highlights are in white. The harsh 12 noon lighting also contributed to the glossy look of the figures.

Anyways, I enjoyed this very relaxing build and should do another 1/35 scale diorama one of these days. Now here are a ton of photos of my most recent diorama...

Thanks for dropping by! Til' next completed kit! :)

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