Saturday, April 2, 2011

MAC Forums Anniv wallpaper contest - Turn A Wallpaper

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I did a quick wallpaper of my most recent build / diorama as usual. Here is the Turn A head diorama composited over a cliff background. This will be the very first entry on our upcoming MAC Forums 2011 Anniversary Wallpaper contest. Yeap, the admins are not allowed to join but I figured I'd do the first ever entry. lol

Anyways, I basically used 4 images to make the wallpaper. I used the raw photo of the Turn A, a photo of a cloud, a photo of a nice desert cliff and an old paper photo. I simply erased the black background of the Turn A photo, erased the clouds of the desert cliff photo and place the clouds as the bottom layer.

I then added the old paper image as texture on top, burned some areas and cheated by adding a grainy texture. the grains basically hid the imperfections in the compositing and the distortions in the pixels. Feel free to use the wallpaper if you like and hope to see you join our wallpaper making contest. 

Til' next post guys! Thanks for dropping by! :)

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