Friday, July 22, 2011

You are invited to our MAC Anniv Party!!!

MAC Forums Anniv Party Photo

The first Gunpla Builders World Cup has just been concluded in Australia, The Bandai announcement is now official! BUT before we gear up for the biggest thing in Gunpla this November, We at MAC Forums are inviting everyone to our MAC Anniversary Party!

Everybody is busy or is going to be busy this following months as we flex our muscles for the real big competition that we have been waiting for all year. Join us on a Saturday and take a break from your hectic Gunpla schedule. Lots of free Bandai Master Grades and other freebies will be announced in the succeeding weeks... be sure your updated.

Discussion of the MAC Anniv Party in our forums, here is the link guys...
MAC Anniv Party 2011 discussion thread

or join us in our discussion at MAC forums FACEBOOK. Here is the event...
MAC forums Facebook EVENT

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