Saturday, July 23, 2011

PINOY GUNPLA CUP coming soon @ MAC forums

Pinoy Gunpla Cup Poster

This will be the first of a series of posts in lieu of our MAC anniversary party come August. I will be blogging about the humble surprises that we have for all the participants of the party until August 27 2011. Our Europe Gunpla Cup at MAC Forums is still ongoing, but I think it is but ripe to announce to you the very first PINOY GUNPLA CUP!

We just finished our MAC Forums wallpaper contest for everyone at the forums and we ended up with a deserving winner in Decay. But for our brothers in the Philippines, we are thinking much much bigger! Nope it won't coincide with the official and biggest Gunpla contest in the land, the upcoming Gunpla Builders Cup. We are very sane enough not to get near the big thing.

We assure everyone of great prizes for the competition and lots of exposure for your kits. Our Pinoy Gunpla Cup won't be an OOTB contest for sure and custom bases will be allowed to enhance the presentation of your builds. This will be an Open for all competition and the winners shall ultimately be the first Pinoy Gunpla Cup Champions!

More details shall be announced in the following weeks, so stay tuned guys! 

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