Monday, March 1, 2010

hguc Kshatriya snapfit

Ello guys, here is another kit I snap fitted today...I was going to get myself a PG Zaku but there was no stock, so I just bought this coz I really like the design and got poisoned by the Unicorn Video I posted a couple of days ago. I might work with a PG Zaku after my AC White Glint commission work anyways, coz my PG Zeta client wants me to detail up his PG Zaku. 

I snap fitted this for 5 hours and I did not clean up some of the sprue marks...while building the kit I am already having some ideas on how to give it a DC23 treatment...there are lots of plain bare spaces in the armor and there is room to make this fierce looking mech more fierce looking. If not for the Vanguard Overed Boost attached to the White Glint, Kshatriya is a little more menacing and impressive than the White Glint. I love to work on this kit, but will have to put it aside for now and will work with it on a much later date. I do hope Bandai makes a MG rendition of this mech, that will be overly huge and might have a tag price that is the same with a PG RX. But, that will be pretty awesome! 

I have here some photos
I took earlier today, I did not repose it coz I like my current pose already. Plus, there are lots of pics of this mech in different poses anyways. Now here are some pics...

There are a lot of plain bare areas in this kit...but the rear skirt armor makes my hair stand up, I mean I would love to give that part in particular my over detail treatment. Lovely kit, I see it as a canvass or paper to paint on! love it!

Thanks for Viewing!

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