Monday, March 1, 2010

hguc Geara Zulu snapfit

Ello guys, this is actually my first hguc that I bought, I usually get my 144s as competition prizes and I usually never paint them. I think I do not have the skills ( yet ) to work with hgucs, coz they are so small. I got so poisoned with the Unicorn Video I got in youtube a couple of days ago and decided to get myself this and a Kshatriya. I also decided to work on this kit as a practice build before working on my AC White Glint commission work. I figured that working with a PG Zeta then the AC White Glint will be difficult, coz the disparity in size is huge, I have been used to working with big parts I will have to practice first with this small kit before moving on to the commish White Glint. This kit is really nice, the articulation and construction is very efficient, I mean Bandai used a few parts for the joints yet it yields MGish articulation...the hguc kits are getting really better! 

I have a thumbnail of this build
on the upper left side of my blog as an ongoing project, you could check the link from time to time if you like. I will be posting this WIp in ZeroGunz only coz this will be just a fast build, maybe the longest is two weeks and this will have no diorama. I will be modding and detailing it though and will try to make it look like a 1/100 kit. Wish me luck! :)

I really love the designs of the mechs of this series, they are Universal Century afterall. I like UC so much because eventhough it is hi - tech stuff, they always retain the oldschool military feel to the mech designs and specially the weapons. I would not be surprise if ever I purchase all of the hguc kits of the Unicorn series. Now, here are some pics of this very nice kit...

Size comparison pics of the Geara Zulu with Kshatriya and a hguc Hyaku Shiki...

I really like the belt bag stuff that holds all the extra weapons...

This is the first hguc kit that I have that can tilt its head upwrads like this, very nice if you would put this in flight pose.

Thanks for viewing!
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