Monday, March 1, 2010

AC White Glint color guide - WIP part VI

Ello guys, I have 0 idea about how the White Glint should look like based on the video game. Volg a ZeroGunz member commented on my White Glint thread and gave me a color guide of the mech in its most faithful color scheme. Basically I think what he gave me is a color guide that is correct to the true White Glint color. I hope this will be a good guide for modelers who will be doing the White Glint and will be painting it in original colors. BTW, the client chose option E as the color scheme of his White Glint...a slight variation of the original colors with light gray patches...personally I think the gray areas gave it more depth and and made it look more complicated. I will also try to add more details to the kit ( as if it is not detailed enough ) and give it a DC23 treatment. So, stay tuned. hihi

Anyways, here is Volg's original post at ZeroGunz:

Hey now when it comes to color schemes this model's original colors are way off from the white glint in the game! Ok this is a little over the top but these are just a few front mistake I can see right off the get go and just for the fun in a list 18 off color parts. I did change about 40+ parts from there original color cause they weren't correct to the true White Glint color. After all and all I missed a total of 1! part the was colored wrong so I did ok I guess >.>.

1. Inner guard (x2) white -> black
2. Side caps (x4) black -> white
3. Foot horn (x2) black -> white
4. Leg rings (4x) black -> white
5. Leg joint (x2) black -> white
6. Knee cap (x2) black -> white
7. Waist vent black -> white
8. Waist screws (x2) black -> white
9. Thigh guard (x2) black -> white
10. Side arm guard (x2) black -> white
11. Arm vent cap (x2) black -> white
12. Under chest caps (x2) black -> white
13. Waist joint black -> white
14. Vent door hatch (x2) black -> white
15. Upper vent guard (x2) black -> white
16. Upper stabilizer (x2) black -> white
17. Under chest sensor black -> white
18. Head vent guard BLACK ---->WHITE!

Thanks for viewing! :)

AC White Glint WIP part VII
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