Saturday, May 15, 2010

HG 1/144 GN-X snapfit - DC23

I ordered a couple of Samuel decal sheets from Hobbies Corner a few days ago and one of those sheets is a Samuel decal ver 2 sheet fo Advance Hazel. So I went hunting for the Advance Hazel yesterday coz I plan to do it ootb with Samuel decals as a relax build after the AC White Glint.

Obviously, there was no stock of an Advance Hazel, thus I grabbed a 1/144 GN-X and a SD Guncannon instead. So basically I am holding off the PG MKII commish for a while and I have 0 inspiration to work on the 1/100 Seravee and will work on this kit instead. I am actually going to remove the seam lines  of this kit before continuing to add the sponge paint chipping effects on the other parts of the White Glint...

It took me an hour to snap fit this kit coz I was appreciating the design of the mech thus I was pausing to admire each segment of the build. I like the design of the mech so much I might get a MG of this soon. The pose ability of the shoulders, arms and legs are almost MG like but the head can only move upwards, the design of the collar armor restricts the movement of the head from side to side.

As usual with 1/144, there are a few seam lines to tackle...along the head, forearms and the lower leg parts and a few parts to mask. The kit does not have much gimmicks but has a nice gun that came with the kit, plus the clear parts on the chest and head are a bonus. 

I highly recommend getting this kit coz it is the easiest 1/144 that I build so far ( I don't do much 1/144s though ) and is one the the cheapest 00 1/144s out there that is impressive looking out of the box. Anyways here are some pics of the snap fitted kit...

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