Sunday, May 16, 2010

AC White Glint - WIP part XVI - last update

Ello guys, this will be my last WIP update of the AC White Glint commission build. I will definitely be shipping this to the US by the end of May ( or even next week ). I have given the parts 4 layers of gloss coat using future straight from the bottle yesterday and have let have it cure overnight to prepare the surface for the enamel washes.

I then mask the parts on the Vanguard Overed Boost ( V.O.B. ) parts that needs to be black with Tamiya tape and I have also painted the black parts of the V.O.B. I will ten have to drybrush the black parts with silver after painting.

This build is almost done, I will have to spray black on the mask V.O.B. parts later, give all the parts an enamel wash of Tamiya flat earth and spray the final flat topcoat. I am still thinking of modding the base that came with the kit and also weather it. Anyways here are a few pics...

END of WIP...see you in the gallery page soon. Thanks for the support! ;)
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