Tuesday, July 5, 2011

It's my daughter NICO's 8th birthday today!!!

Nico Photo

I am not really the richest man in the world today as we have all our expenses on the renovation of the house. Gladly my eldest daughter Nico, just asked me for a Barbie doll house play set for her 8th birthday. No fancy parties, No expensive toys... just some good food and a doll house was good enough for her for this special day.

Fortunately I managed to convince my younger daughter Sam that I could only get her some clay ( play dough ) today and that she'll get her big toy on her birthday soon. My son got a couple of Tomy trains as usual and yours truly got a leader class Transformers Starscream that was on sale.

Anyways, just wanted to shout out " HAPPY BIRTHDAY " to my dearest daugher NICO!

Dang it! how they grow soooo fast! will cherish these years while my 2 daughters are still asking for toys and not boys for their birthdays. Dang it!

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