Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Leader Class ROTF Starscream repaint soon!

ROTF Starscream Photo

Yeap I just finished a quick project of a ROTF Leader Class Starscream repaint. I just gave the kit some Vallejo washes, pigments and dry brushed some Citadel metallic paints all over the kit. It came out okay, though there is nothing extraordinary and spectacular about the build.

Unfortunately I do not have a good enough lighting set up to take photos indoors. I will have to wait for a good sunny day this weekend to take photos of my most recent toy repaint. However I managed to take a few shots of the ROTF Starscream before painting earlier today. So not to waste your mouse click on this post, I thought of uploading the unpainted Starscream photos.

BTW, I got this huge figure for half it's original price! At 1,500 Php, this toy is sooooo much worth it! So if you see this figure at half the price at your nearest toy store, I highly suggest you grab this monster of a Decepticon. He is wider and taller than Optimus Prime!

The figure is so nice as it can transform from a jet to a robot! Kidding aside, the figure came with 2 missiles and a cannon that attaches to either of it's hands. It has some folding landing gears and has a light and sound gimmick typical of any Leader Class figure. Starscream says two phrases... " No one can defeat Starscream " and " Decepticons will crash the Autobots! ".

Anyways, here are some photos of the toy figure OOTB...

Thanks for dropping by! Til' next post! :)
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