Sunday, April 10, 2011

Territorial animals in all of us... the gist of it all.

Territorial animals always defend the area in which they live and on which they depend for resources. This is also the case with humans, in the office at work, at your village or any community. This is basically the " rookie " tactics in sports and the " trainee treatment " in the office. You have to simply go through being " new " in the territory and bow to your seniors.

So what if you did not bow to the other seniors / veterans ever ? well you get to experience more " rookie tactics " in the locker room and you get cold treatment in the office. And what if you actually got better faster than the vets that you ignored? Well, they will see it as a sign of defiance, arrogance, invasion of their territory and a non-opportunity for them.

Haiz, this is basically the world we live on, these is basically animal and human nature and this is basically the gist of it all. This post is highly inspired by a friend's post Nath aka sacrophage, here is the link to his post...
LINES by sacrophage of Mecha Workshop

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