Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Lookie what I bought today! XD

Woot! I got my Beargguy kit and a 1/48 Mega Scale Zaku today! The GB is on! I will snapfit this kit soon and make a simple review of this fantastic 1/144 kit for our GAF - MAC Beargguy GB. I will also snapfit the 1/48 Mega scale Zaku and show you some pics of this behemoth.

Nope, I have not decided on what to submit as my BMKWC 2011 entry yet. I will need to buy the MG The O and compare it with the 1/48 Zaku before I could decide on which kit to work with. Will get my hands on a MG The O maybe early next year and will let you know immediately on what kit I'll be working with for next year's compe! :)

Thanks for dropping by guys! Til' next post! :D
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