Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Panzer my Rottweiler at 5 weeks old

Rottweiler Photo

Another Rottweiler post. Bear with me guys as me, my wife and my kids love this little bear so much. He is extremely adorable with those chubby short legs, dark grey almond shaped eyes, wide nose and those brown eyebrows! It practically looks like a stuff toy.

Panzer is pretty much " at home " in our little house now, runs and plays ball with my kids for a few minutes and eats 3 cupful of meals a day. I actually slept with him in the living room last night as he hates to be alone.

I will try my best not to blog about my Rottie daily or weekly ( will try )... but should definitely update you guys monthly. I have also edited my blog's metadata and added Rottweiler, Panzer and Rottie amongst my Transformers, mecha and Gundam tags. hehehe... Google might be confuse of my meta tags now. Now here are a couple more photos of Rottweiler PANZER!

Rottweiler Photo

Rottweiler Photo

Thanks for dropping by! Til' next post! :D

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