Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Hello guys, I just want to share my four trophies...I started gunpla back in January 2008 and I have been addicted ever since. I won four times in four competitions oledi and have 0 plans of slowing down. My friends at Zero G also inspires me to improve further.

Here is the trophy I got from the midyear competition dubbed BANKEE Nationals under the Senior Category...There is an expert category back then and it was my first competition. I entered my first modded kit and miraculously won! PLUS, there were 145 entries in the senior category...sweet first time win for me.

And here are my BAKUC trophies...

The Bakuc Philippines Regional finals trophy ( Champion / Gold - 2008 )

The Bakuc World Champion trophy I got in Hong Kong ( Champion / Gold - 2008 )

AND the trophy that inspired and motivated me to create a blog and bring out all my kits in one place...
The Bakuc Philippine Regional silver trophy ( 1st runner-up / Silver - 2009 )

and here are some comparison pics...as you can see the gold trophy in the regional finals looks like BRONZE in comparison to the World Champion trophy which is stunningly gold. Thus, if you look at the 3 trophies, it looks like I got all bronze, silver and gold oledi...I have a complete collection...sort of...HAHAHA, I will try my best to BAG the bronze next year! hahaha

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