Tuesday, November 10, 2009

24 K gold plated MG Zeta

Hello guys...this is the main prize when you win as World Champion in Bakuc...looks cool, collection wise it is priceless...but to a serious modeller, it is a crappy kit.hehehe. The kit is the version 1 MG Zeta, a crappy kit released way back during the nineties...it is not really crappy, heck it can transform...but just don't compare it to MGs these days, actually new HGs are better than the old MGs I think.

I did some research before snap building this one, the box is all white...but there is a small sticker in front of the box saying " 24 carat gold plating "...hmmm, sounds weird...but I eventually found out at dalong.net that it is really a gold plated kit specifically given to contest winners. The kit is under the MG tab, under the " contest prize " group. here is the link: http://dalong.net/

Anyways, I tried to carefully assemble it, then realized after, it looks better as a trophy than the real BAKUC Grand Champion trophy...hahaha, anyways here are some pics...

Here is a lone pic of the MG Zeta in comparison to an ordinary chrome plated Hyakushiki...shiny eh?

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