Friday, December 24, 2010

1/144 Beargguy: STEP by STEP assembly

I do not DO snap fit reviews as I find it very time consuming and I am always very anxious to see the model kit finished. I mean I snap fit as fast as I could so that I could play with the kit as early as possible.
However, this kit is an exception coz this will be my entry for our dual forum Group Build!

Gundam Australia Forums and our Mech Arts Community agreed to join forces and do a Beargguy Group Build simultaneously at both forums! 20+ people have pledged to join in this GB at MAC forums already and I will check later if a lot more joined at GAF.

The kit is overly cute, my wife even told me to buy a few more and paint it in different colors. She likes it so much she is urging me to buy more ( LOL ). My wife even played with the articulation of the kit, a first in my 3 years of Gunpla!

The articulation is pretty decent and the color separation excellent. This kit is a bit heavy for its size, it feels really solid like a toy actually. Be careful with the mono eye though as it falls off easily. On the other hand, the arms have really tight joints and the legs have good articulation.

Anyways, here is a STEP by STEP photos while snap fitting this overly cute kit...


BODY assembly

HEAD assembly

ARM assembly

LEG assembly

ARM extension assembly


excess parts... and before final assembly...

Too much photos I decided to put the assembled kit in a different post...

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