Friday, December 24, 2010

1/144 GPB-04 Beargguy - snapfit

My previous post which is the Beargguy STEP by STEP assembly has so much photos I had to create a separate post for the gallery of this guy. I had a blast taking photos of my Beargguy and took so much... I can play with the kit and take photos the whole day but I then realized that I have to post this already.

As I've said, the overall articulation of the kit is pretty decent. The neck gives the head enough articulation though the arms has tight limited movement. The legs have very good movement and subtle moving parts like the mouth and the backpack gives the kit an extra oooomph!

I am off to buy coconuts now and my wife is nagging me to stop blogging... nyways Merry Christmas and hope you enjoy my Beargguy photos!

Thanks for dropping by! Til next post! :)

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